These Beautyblender Products Will Revolutionize Your Life

Beautyblender’s Bounce foundation has launched in the UK, and while it’s no secret we’re excited about it, when we went to chat with the brand’s founder, Rea Ann Silva, another Beautyblender product really caught our eye. The Beautyblender Instaclean (dubbed “Beautyblender dry shampoo”) is a waterless sponge cleaner designed to be used in between makeup products. You simply spray it all over your beautyblender (It has an oily texture, so be careful not to spray it onto your clothes) and then wipe it across a towel or tissue. Et voilà: Your sponge is like new and your surroundings smell just like lavender pillow spray. Dreamy. Seriously, though—it’s uncanny and incredibly relaxing.

Beautyblender: Instaclean
Beautyblender Instaclean $18

Instaclean also works on brushes, meaning you can ditch those 15 different blending brushes when doing a smoky eye and just use the one. Genius! While it isn’t designed to be a substitute for actually cleaning your brushes or Beautyblender, it really is perfect for a quick fix, just like dry shampoo is for your hair.

Beautyblender Bounce Foundation:

So let’s get back to the foundation. After Beautyblender Bounce launched in the U.S, it was met with some initial criticism over its 32-shade range. “I was a little taken aback and shocked when I saw people weren’t happy about the shade range,” Silva says. “But that was before anyone actually saw the foundation in the flesh. Once Bounce launched and consumers got their hands on it, they loved it.”

“As a woman of color and makeup artist myself, I know how hard it can be to color-match,” Silva continues. “Which is why with Bounce, I wanted to really address the undertones of skin. People have either red undertones or yellow undertones, or both. So the shade range really identifies and caters for that. My daughter is the hardest person to match: I’m Latina, her dad is black and my father was Irish, but by identifying her undertone as warm, she’s able to match her shade perfectly.”

How Can You Tell What Your Skin's Undertone Is?

The easiest way is by looking at your veins. If your veins look blue or purple (and you burn easily in the sun), you’re likely cool-toned. If your veins are green and your skin has a more yellow hue, you’re probably warm-toned. And if you have a combination of both green and blue veins, you’re neutral.

Beautyblender Bounce Foundation
Beautyblender Bounce Foundation $39

The thing we love most about the Beautyblender Bounce foundation? The application. Beautyblender is known for its innovative creations, and the Bounce foundation packaging is no different. It has a unique blender-shaped front you squeeze the foundation directly into before dabbing your Beautyblender into it. Say goodbye to using the back of your hand as a makeup palette! It also features a lock so there’s no accidental spillage.

The foundation itself is a super-buildable medium- to full-coverage foundation. It’s got a velveteen finish, meaning powder isn’t really necessary (unless you like an extremely matte finish), and Silva promises us it won’t oxidize, meaning your foundation won’t turn orange by 4 p.m.

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