BeautyBio's GloFacial Tool Is Like a Vacuum for Blackheads and Clogged Pores

It's like an at-home Hydrafacial.

Beautybio GloFacial tool

Beautybio/Jamie O' Banion

The days of peeling painful pore strips off your nose might finally be over. BeautyBio's GloFacial Hydro-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool ($199) is making at-home hydrafacials a reality—and it's claiming that your pores will never been happier (or less noticeable). The device works like a suction tool, exfoliating skin and removing dirt, oil, and makeup from your pores.

It's not just the tool that makes the GloFacial special though. The set also includes the GloFacial concentrate: a blend of skin-loving ingredients like salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and antioxidants. As you use the tool, it infuses your skin with this concoction, helping improve overall results. The blue LED light tip, which can help kill acne-causing bacteria, is the finishing touch.

If you're looking to up your skincare game (and add a touch of luxury while you're at it), the GloFacial might be your best option. Ahead, find all the details on this new release and our honest review.

The Inspiration

For the new GloFacial, Beautybio teamed up with fashion designer Christian Siriano for a special edition of the tool. While that may seem unexpected, the reasoning makes perfect sense. "For our biggest launch ever, we knew we wanted to partner with someone who is as attentive to both form and function as we are," Jamie O’Banion, CEO and Founder of Beautybio, explained. "Christian has been an amazing partner who embodies innovation, creativity and passion."

Siriano seemed to share the same vision for this tool. "As a designer, I’ve always admired the ritual that goes into making someone look and feel their best—whatever it may be. I felt an immediate connection to Jamie’s mission with GloFacial," he explained. "[I] am so thrilled to partner with such an innovative force in beauty and skincare to help bring a moment of luxury to your everyday routine."

BeautyBio x Christian Siriano GloFacial
Beautybio x Christian Siriano GloFacial Hydration Facial Pore Cleansing Tool with Blue LED $249.00 $199.00

How it Works

GloFacial's hydrafacial tool helps remove pore buildup by acting as a vacuum for your skin, suctioning up oil, makeup, and dirt. At the same time, the system gives your skin a diluted dose of salicylic acid, a BHA that exfoliates and unclog pores; hyaluronic acid, which helps plump and hydrate skin; niacinamide, which helps fight acne by reducing inflammation and targeting oiliness. The set also comes with three different attachment heads: small treatment tip, large treatment tip, and clarifying cap (for the blue LED light).

How to Use it

First things first, charge the hydrafacial device. Once it's charged, prep your face by cleansing and leave skin damp. Then, remove the left chamber and fill to the lines as indicated. (You'll pour the Glofacial concentrate to the first line, then add water until it reaches the next line. If you prefer, you can skip the concentrate and just use water.)

Keep your skin taut as you move the tool across your face. Avoid going over the same area more than 12 times. Once you're finished and the left chamber is empty, follow up with a gentle skincare routine.

For best results, use the GloFacial three times a week. In between each use, clean the tips with soap and warm water. Wash out both chambers with with the cleansing brush.

My Review

Beautybio GloFacial after being used

Hannah Kerns

This tool might seem complicated (though fabulously decorated), but it's actually pretty easy to use. Since Receiving it, I've used all tips and the blue LED light on its own. Although I haven't noticed a huge difference in my blackheads or pores (at least, not yet), the chambers tell a different story. At the end of each at-home facial, I've been impressed—and also slightly grossed out—by how much buildup the device has removed from my skin.

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