Shop: 17 Beauty Buys Worth Spending Your Paycheck On


Critical Babe

Can buying a beauty product solve all your problems? Maybe not—but we know full well how powerful a brand-new lipstick (or perfume, or serum) can make us feel.  With that in mind, we present to you our new Shop series—a carefully curated collection of all the buzziest beauty products to feast your eyes on, maybe lighten your wallet with, and definitely feel great about. Our market editors will be scouring the interwebs and our favorite retailers to bring you the noteworthiest new beauty gems before you see them everywhere else. So, go ahead and shop—you deserve it.

You work hard for your money, and while it's always hard to resist that "treat yourself" mentality as soon as your direct deposit hits, we're here to make sure your paycheck is well spent. To ensure you won't experience buyer's remorse post-splurge, we scoured Sephora in search of the latest products and brands, and as usual, the retailer didn't disappoint. From heart-stamped blush to a sativa seed oil–infused mask, shop the items we plan to buy at the first of the month and use until the last drop.


This warm floral scent makes us feel like it's summer year-round. 


Summer may be gone, but we're keeping our glow year-round thanks to this oil-based self-tanner. 


We're crediting our effortlessly windswept hair to this VIP texturing spray, perfect for that second-day styling effect without the oily residue. 


This ultra-fast dryer is perfect for busy mornings when you're rushing out the door, and yes, it's worth every penny.


The updated shades on this cult-favorite palette are the perfect hues for a fall-inspired smoky eye.


Mix and match these highlighters for the perfect light-catching glow.


We love this cushion blush formula that offers a sheer-to-buildable flush of color, and the heart-shaped stain makes it Instagram-worthy.


We may have outgrown our adolescent Lip Smackers, but this peaches and cream-–infused balm offers the same fun with extra hydration.


We love this avocado-infused concealer to help cover our dark circles while also hydrating and nourishing our skin. 


The much-anticipated follow-up to Summer Fridays' Jet Lag mask, this vitamin-packed formula offers serious exfoliation for glowing skin.


The name says it all. Nothing has worked its magic on our tired, dull skin quite like this anti-aging formula.


Insider tip: Keep this portable jade facial roller in your purse for on-the-go de-puffing and to visibly reduce wrinkles in no time.


Not ready to try retinol just yet? This plant-based retinol alternative offers all the anti-aging benefits of the real thing without any of the harsh side effects.


PSA: You need to add this mask to your self-care routine. The sativa seed oil infusion instantly calms skin, reduces irritation, and de-stresses.


Treat your acne in as little as three minutes with this LED light to reduce inflammation and redness.