This Beauty Vlogger's "You Look Disgusting" Video Will Make You Cry

In case you're not yet familar with beauty vlogger, Em Ford (My Pale Face), allow us to introduce you. The YouTuber is making major waves by debuting a new video that displays some truly shocking responses to both her bare and made-up face on her social media outlets. Since she posted it last week, it's gone completely viral, with millions of people watching and realizing the harsh, unrealistic standards of beauty and just how hurtful comments on social media can be. The video shows Ford at first with no makeup on, and ruthlessly mean phrases users have actually said—"You look disgusting" and "I can't even look at her" being just two— popping up around the screen. She then applies makeup, and at first, it seems to end the negative comments...until they take a turn, too. The video ends on a positive note, however, with the phrase, "You are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...not even yourself" filling the screen. Preach. We applaud Ford for her bravery in making this video, and happen to think she looks drop-dead gorgeous both with and without makeup. 

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