No One Will Be Using These Beauty Products in 2017

Here at Byrdie, it's our job to report on new beauty trends and product launches that would be of interest to you all, our darling readers. And goodness gracious, there were a lot of them in 2016. From rainbow highlighter to rose gold hair to derma-rolling, and beyond, 2016 saw the rise of so many intriguing beauty products and trends.

But nothing can be popular forever. Some products come back every few years, some slowly fade from existence, and others evaporate into thin air as if they never existed (remember body glitter?). 

Today, we're talking about the beauty products we don't think will survive past 2016 (plus, the ones that definitely will). We put our heads together to use what we know about product launches, red carpet looks, and runway trends to round up a list of what to keep and what to toss in 2016. Keep scrolling to discover the products no one will be using next year (and what to try out instead)!