6 Overnight Beauty Treatments for Anyone Who Forgot About Melbourne Cup Tomorrow

Easy Spring Racing Beauty

ICYMI, the spring racing carnival is here, and with work, social commitments, and the latest season of The Batchelorette, we're thinking it's safe to say that the 12-week rigorous beauty prep you had in mind to lead up to spring didn't really happen (no shame, us too).

If the daily grind has left you feeling dull, dehydrated, and less than sparkly (i.e. not race-day ready), you don't need to sell your ticket and return the outfit just yet. 

Because we get what it's like to be busy, we have a vested interest in any lotion or potion that works while we're sleeping. From tanning masks to conditioning lip treatments, there's a hero product that will have every inch of you glowing by the time the sun rises. Like magic, only better. 

Keep scrolling for your complete overnight overhaul. 

Biologique P50 Lotion $91

In our honest opinion, the only thing better than the iconic P50 lotion would be to wash our face in actual holy water. One swipe before bed will leave your skin clear, even, and glowing come morning. 

Ren Skincare Wake Wonderful Night Facial $59

If the work week has left your skin a little lacklustre, a few pumps of this creamy overnight mask will restore bounce and life while you get some well-deserved shut eye. It's packed with hydrators like shea butter, jojoba, and hyaluronic acid so you don't need to hide beneath your fascinator. 

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask $38

If you're opting for a bright, punchy lip on Stakes Day, you need a flake-free pout to work with. Buff your lips with a washcloth before slathering on this thick gooey balm before bed. You'll rise to a plump, hydrated kisser. 

Bumble and Bumble While You Sleep Damage Repair Mask $72

The right hairstyle is paramount for the races, seeing as head wear is often the focus. Slather on a good handful of this buttery mask before popping on a shower cap to protect your pillowcase. Rinse and blow dry your newly hydrated strands in the morning. 

Shhh Silk Microfibre Towel Silk Pillowcase $59

Or alternatively, sneak out at lunch to get a blow dry, and keep it alive for cup day tomorrow with this silk pillowcase. The beautiful surprise however, is that the other side is microfibre, so if you wash your hair and collapse into bed tomorrow night after the big race, you'll wake up significantly less frizzy than normal on Wednesday. Genius. 

St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse $60

It's true: 99 percent of your problems can be cured with a coat of self tan. If staining your white sheets from a pre-bed application isn't appealing, you can literally pop this on first thing the morning of, and wash off in the shower one hour later (rinse the hair mask out at the same time). If you have a little more time on your hands, three hours before rinsing will give you a deeper glow. 

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