10 Important Beauty Lessons I Learned In My 20s, Because I'm Almost 30


Steven Simione/@gouldhallie

I have exactly 93 days left of my twenties—a decade literature and film describe as the best years of your life. But, as I near 30, the reality of such a trope feels further and further away. I don't feel like the fun is over, or even that my life will change very much once my birthday arrives. No longer is a woman expected to be married, pregnant, and able to prepare home-cooked meals by the time she turns 30. I am none of those things. Instead, the next decade brings about a more grounded, secure, and happy existence—one I actually have the means to afford (most of the time). Going through the trials and tribulations of my twenties have allowed me to gain some necessary wisdom that I will gladly take with me, while leaving a few things in the past. 

That being said, aging brings about new issues too. And, look, I'm self-aware enough to know 29 going on 30-years-old is still young. But there are fine lines where plump skin used to lay and some of those aforementioned decisions (baking in the sun, frying my hair, and crash dieting are just a few) have caused me to pivot my beauty and wellness choices moving forward. And, because I've made it my job to figure out what works—literally—I compiled a list of tips, tricks, and other musings to take with me through my next birthday and beyond. Below, find the most important lessons I've learned.