The Designer Beauty Supplements Everyone Is Popping This Winter


Gone are the days the only place to buy a beauty supplement was at your local pharmacy or in a naturopath's office. The last two years have seen smaller scale companies burst onto the scene with innovative productsmany of which are targeted towards boosting our looks from the inside out. Not only are these formulas completely legit (and often developed in conjunction with leaders in fields like Traditional Chinese Medicine), they're all, well… pretty. We're even seeing this new slew of supplements show up in influencers' Instagram feeds, alongside photogenic fragrances and palettes. As we head into winter (aka the season best known for ruining our skin and hair), we're sounding off on the designer beauty supplements everyone will be popping this winter.

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Zilch Acne Formula $139

What It Does: Based on active herbal ingredients, this skin-clearing supplement was developed by expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr Vivian Tam. The formula addresses the root cause of acne (not just the symptoms), targeting inflammation, toxicity, and circulation in particular.

Bear Protect With Vitamin A + Echinacea $90

What It Does: Packed with vitamins A and C, Protect is designed to both help support a healthy immune system, and minimise cell damage caused by free radicals. It also contains echinacea—a herbal cold deterrent this time of year.

The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder $50

What It Does: Literally helps you get your beauty sleep. Made from lemon balm and passionflower (two botanicals used in herbal medicine to promote quality z's), it also contains probiotics to keep your tummy calm overnight. Anti-ageing turmeric makes an appearance on the ingredients list, too.

Raw Complexions Skin Balance Beauty Food $35

What It Does: A cocktail of skin-enhancing "beauty foods", this blend of alkalising greens and unique herbs does everything from boost the production of hyaluronic acid and protect against UV damage to brighten the skin.

Purahealth Vitamin D3+K $25

What It Does: A great all-round booster in winter when sunlight is low, these D3+K tablets assist in proper calcium absorption, and help to maintain healthy phosphorous levels in your bones. Beauty-wise, adequate levels of vitamin D can help to soothe skin, and vitamin K is thought to have reparative effects.

A.po.te'ca.ri Mane Event $55

What It Does: Designed to support both hair growth and overall health, this potent mix of herbs and amino acids already as quite a few beauty editor fans. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, it's a comprehensive formula for anyone keen to grow their strands long. 

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