The Wrinkle-Beating Trick That Will Blow Your Mind

Updated 05/01/19

Repeat after us: There are only 25 more days left of January. Okay, that might be little comfort, but we're really trying here, can you tell? We all know the beginning of the year is seriously tough to get through—we have the dark nights and short days without all the joy of the festive period (and all that cheese). But the beauty about the New Year is that you can start afresh with new exercise regimens and diets. And if you're not into that? Well, we've found the exciting new makeup items you're about to be obsessed over. It'll make January less painful, we promise. Keep scrolling for those stories, plus some of the other biggest beauty and fashion articles that we loved this week. 

Spotted that you have a few wrinkles after taking off your makeup? Allow us to introduce you to this trick that will change the way your remove makeup forever.

Lena Dunham revealed her cellulite for Glamour. Unfiltered beauty for the win.

Seeing as we're all hitting the exercise hard right now, Who What Wear UK has helped us out by revealing the number one way the A-list look good in their workout gear.

It's tough in January when you don't want to spend more money but you want to exercise. So what's the solution when you can't afford a pricey gym membership? Following one of these nine free online workouts

Find out the truth about the number one detox tea Instagram trend. A must-read for any health fanatic. 

Clinique has created the lipstick of our dreams by teaming up with Crayola (yes, really), and making this incredible product. Plus, 22 other winter must-haves you'll love. 

Thinking of overhauling your look this year? How about trying one of these amazing new hair colour ideas

Not sure about a color change? How about 37 short hairstyles that will persuade you to go for the chop?

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