7 Genius Ways to Tone Your Bum and Thighs When Running

Updated 05/01/19
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Training for a marathon? Then why not maximise your efforts and get some extra thigh and bum toning results out of all that running? PopSugar UK shows you how. Also in our roundup of the week's biggest stories, Who What Wear UK has pulled together all the sustainable fashion brands Emma Watson has endorsed in 2016, while Byrdie U.S. has revealed the skincare habits women in their 30s should adopt. And, of course, 'tis the season for colds and flu, and as we edge ever closer to Christmas, the fear of catching something becomes heightened. So how can we avoid a cold this December? We put that question to our resident health columnist, Jane Leonard, MD, who sets the record straight. Keep scrolling for this week's biggest beauty, style and wellness stories.

The Australian Byrdie team chatted all things beauty with Hailey Baldwin. Plus, the models shares what she eats in a day and her workouts of choice. 

That's the question we asked Dr. Leonard, who talks about how to prevent and treat a cold this winter.

Want to up your skincare game? The Byrdie U.S. team reveals the routine you should follow in your 30s.

No one wants to be hanging around in their undies in winter, moisturising their body and then waiting for the product to absorb. Dullsville. Luckily, we can reveal the number one way to keep your skin soft and supple all winter, and it only takes a few seconds.

We look to Emma Watson for a lot of things beauty, including fierce hairstyles and impeccable makeup looks, but when it comes to her personal style, it's her knowledge of sustainable fashion that we look to her for. Check out the sustainable fashion brands the actress endorsed in 2016.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it's also quite easy to get it wrong apparently. We called on Fresh Fitness Food's resident nutritionist, Georgia Bellas, to reveal the seven breakfast mistakes we often make.

You want to burn calories on your run, sure, and if you're running as a part of your training, you'll want to ace whatever race it is you're working towards. But why not also maximise on your thigh- and bum-toning potential while you're at it? PopSugar UK shows you how.

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