The Dry Shampoo Hack That Will Make Your Hair Look Incredible

Updated 04/21/19
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With dark mornings becoming a reality (how is it October already?), we have seemingly less time to do things. Like, wash our hair. But the genius people at PopSugar have come up with a solution that means you can spend longer in bed, while also nixing that powdery residue that comes with so many dry shampoos. Over on Who What Wear UK, columnist Ashley Madekwe has revealed the five shopping tricks A-listers rely on, plus we reveal the anti-ageing beauty treatment Hollywood wants to keep a secret. Keep reading for these and more of the week’s biggest style stories.

1. Jess Hart reveals the makeup trend she predicts is the next contouring, and how to do it at home.

2. We reveal 11 celebrities who will prove to you that red hair should be your new look for autumn. Yes, really.

3. We all know dealing with spots is miserable, but we have some good news that’s unique to acne sufferers. Every cloud has a silver lining. 

4. Actress and Who What Wear UK columnist Ashley Madekwe reveals the shopping secrets she lives by. [Who What Wear UK]

5. A Byrdie U.S. editor revealed the five rules she learnt at skincare boot camp. Read, memorise, do. [Byrdie U.S.

6. We finally know how Hollywood A-listers have such young, smooth and fuzz-free faces. Prepare to be amazed.

7. And finally, PopSugar UK has revealed the right way to use dry shampoo (it involves sleep). Expect this hack to give you that just-washed feeling and no powdery residue. 

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