Beauty Sticks Are the Answer to Your On-the-Go Makeup Struggles

Every few months, the beauty industry seems to collectively fall in love with a particular type of product, and suddenly, it’s everywhere you look. Remember the oil craze a few years back (and still going strong)? How about the cushion phase? Well, it looks like 2017 appears to be the year of the stick.

From moisturizers to highlighters to hair color, pretty much every beauty treatment you can think of is now available in a stick or wand format. And we’re definitely not complaining—in addition to being effective, they’re also super easy to use, compact, and a breeze to travel with. Sticks are truly the epitome of on-the-go beauty.

Ahead, check out some of our favorites, and get ready to stick ’em up.

What's your favorite beauty product in stick form? Tell us below!