I Spent $230 on Beauty Products This Month—Here's What I Bought


Amanda Montell

Perhaps the most compelling sign of a high-quality beauty product is when a Byrdie editor chooses to buy it with her own money. Sure, we can sing the praises of a product we were sent for free all day long (and totally mean it), but when we shell out our own hard-earned cash on something, that's when you know it's that good.

I did a tiny bit more spending than average on beauty products for myself this month, so I thought I'd share my mini haul with you. Some of these products are new favorites; some are tried-and-true staples I've always bought and always will. The point is they're the items for which I chose to lay down my own dough, even when I could have made something else work for free. Keep scrolling to check out the seven beauty and wellness goodies I bought this month with a little over $200!