Genius Beauty Secrets From the Streets of L.A.

The world is full of inspiration, from the runway to the red carpet, but one of our favorite places to find it is right outside our door. Whether while wandering the Fairfax flea market, shopping at The Grove, or marathon-brunching at L.A.’s most popular vegan hotspot (Gracias Madre), we’re constantly inspired by the women in Byrdie’s home city of Los Angeles.

Because real-life beauties are a wealth of awesome grooming secrets you might never otherwise hear about, we're making it our civic duty to approach the real girls of the world and learn their ways in an ongoing Street Beauty series. First, we brought you skincare secrets from the streets of Korea, and now, we're sharing beauty tips from the women of Los Angeles. Leave it to L.A. ladies to have some seriously natural, low-maintenance beauty hacks.

Keep scrolling for six clever beauty tips straight from the breathtaking (and super cool) real women of Los Angeles.