We Made Two Editors With Very Different Beauty Routines Swap Products for a Week

Ever since the Freaky Friday remake starring Lindsey Lohan came out in 2003, I've secretly always wanted to switch bodies with someone. Sadly, the laws of physics prevent this; but last week, Byrdie news editor Victoria Hoff and I got pretty close.

As professional beauty aficionados, our makeup, skincare, and hair routines tend to get all tangled up with our personal identities. When Victoria summarizes her beauty vibe as "natural, but elevated," "low-key and fresh-faced," it almost sounds like she's describing her personality. Meanwhile, my natural instincts (aesthetically and otherwise) are colorful and experimental. I like bright lips and shiny eyelids and androgynous, lacquered hair. In beauty as in life, I don't like to take anything too seriously.

So when Victoria and I, two different editors with opposite approaches to beauty, were tasked to switch routines for a week, it almost felt like we were swapping bodies, à la Lindsay and Jamie Lee Curtis. (I don't know who would be Lindsay and who would be Jamie in this analogy, but that's beside the point). We knew the beauty swap would be a challenge—but we were curious to see what we'd learn. Would stepping outside our beauty comfort zones give us some much-needed perspective? Or would it just get weird? To find out, we designed detailed hair, skin, and makeup routines for one another and ordered all the necessary materials. Read on to see the results of our week-long beauty swap.

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