10 New Faces That Will Inspire Your Beauty Routine This Year

Updated 04/27/19

Looking for fresh, new beauty inspiration for 2018? Well, we're calling it: These rising stars are set to be the new icons of the beauty world. From the Instagrammer with next-level glowy skin to the singer fulfilling all our long-nail fantasies and then some to the R&B duo reminding us of the sheer joy that's just waiting to be found at the bottom of your makeup bag—they're all here.

Click through to discover the 10 rising stars that we'll be channelling throughout this year and beyond. You're going to want to bookmark this.

Beauty rising stars: Arlissa

Arlissa, singer-songwriter

We're kinda obsessed with Brixton-based singer Arlissa's ability to make a merlot red lip look low-key while rocking her loosely-teased afro hair. We've got some tips for identifying your curl type if you want to learn how to best style your own curls.

Beauty rising stars: Linnea Berthelsen

Linnea Berthelsen, actress

Look a little closer and you'll soon realise that you first met Linnea as Eleven's long-lost sister, Kali, in season two of Stranger Things. We're pretty certain that won't be the last we'll see of this Danish actress on our screens, but until then, we're following her on Instagram for effortless hair inspiration.

Beauty rising stars: Chloe x Halle

Chloe x Halle, actresses and R&B duo

If there's one thing you can take from Chloe x Halle, the music duo signed to Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment label, it's a welcome reminder that beauty is there to be played with. Everything about the girls' style is fun and irreverent—while never coming off as too serious. More girls like this, please.

Beauty rising stars: Pony makeup

Pony, makeup artist

Pony is so good at ethereal, soft-lit makeup that she's already racked up an impressive 4 million followers on Instagram. Not only does she serve up serious lipstick inspiration, but she also has us reconsidering pink hair.

Beauty rising stars: Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg, actress and social activist

She's part of the uber-cool Gen-Z set leading a generation of teens more politically-minded than ever before. So resonant with the zeitgeist in fact that she's already graced the cover of Teen Vogue and Dazed. And as if her activist nature wasn't admirable enough, she's also the master of graphic liner.

Beauty rising stars: Mabel McVey

Mabel McVey, singer

Mabel McVey has made some big waves in the music world this year, and we're sure she'll consider earning herself a prime spot on the Byrdie HQ playlist one of her greatest achievements (just kidding). But it's not just her music we're digging. This woman has proven the power of a '90s clear, glossy lip and wears the fiercest long nails we wish our keyboards would allow.

Beauty rising stars: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, actress, DJ and model

Not only is Atlanta a skincare fiend but she's also mastered the art of wearing hair accessories. You just need to take a look at her insta feed to figure out why we'd quite like to be her best friend.

Beauty rising stars: Rio Viera-Newton

Rio Viera-Newton, instagrammer and beauty columnist

Rio really made a name for herself within beauty circles this year when her Google doc skincare regimen went viral thanks to The Cut. Now, we can't help but scan her Instagram feed daily to find new skincare gems to add to our regimens. Nobody does a dewy glow like Rio.

Beauty rising stars: Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard, actress

Interview magazine labelled her as one of the most exciting voices of her generation, and we'd have to agree: At only 16, Rowan Blanchard is well-versed in the issues affecting the world and is a key player in a new raft of teen idols of substance. When it comes to beauty, her style is pretty simple, but we're definitely sensing some Björk vibes in there. 

Beauty rising stars: Virginia Gardner

Virginia Gardner, actress

Virginia Gardner may be better known in the U.S. but the actress is fast becoming our latest California-beauty obsession. File her under beachy waves and no makeup-makeup inspiration.

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