We Used the Beauty Products We Hate the Most for a Week—Here's What Happened

Even though we're product fiends, there are those items we avoid like the plague, be it for the fact they don't look good on us or because we just haven't figured out the best match for our specific needs. As much as we're open to trying new products, though, we're admittedly a bit more stubborn when it comes to the products we've sworn off: We've said our goodbyes, we've buried them, and we've moved on.

However, I challenged myself and my fellow Byrdie editors to try the products we hate the most for a full week to see if, perhaps, we'd actually come around to liking them. For many, the mission was a great success, but some (ahem–moi) are still skeptics. Keep reading to find out how we fared in our weeklong trials.

Have you sworn off a particular product? Which one and why? Tell us in the comments below!