Why I Only Use Smelly Skincare Products

Skincare products usually have a rotating door policy in the bathrooms of beauty editors—in one day and out the other. Like a summer fling, it's often easier not to get too attached. I found myself to be quite the fair-weather user, flitting from cream to cream and serum to serum, citing my rarely sensitive, hardly problematic skin as motivation to try (and report on) as many options as I could get my hands on.

One of the most crucial of criteria, though, always seemed to be the scent. I wanted my skincare routine to feel spa-like, opting for products fragranced with rose, lavender, or some fresh essential oil mixture. It wasn't until recently (at the ripe age of 28, when I more seriously began to invest in preventative and no-longer-preventative measures of skincare) that I found my long-term groove. 

My skin has never looked better, and I owe it all to a few big gun–level products. While they all have an A+ reputation in common, the most prominent similarity is their scent. Only this time, it's not the floral, herby blend I formerly craved. Every single one of my go-to, can't-live-without favorites smells… bad.

But hear me out. The aroma is more medical than it is actually smelly, but, if you're sensitive to scent, it certainly takes getting used to. The fact of the matter is when you see your even, glowing, blemish-free skin for the first time, you'll be too busy dancing around your bathroom to notice. Below, find the five skincare powerhouses I refuse to live without and about a million reasons why their stench is the last thing on my mind.