Editors' Picks: The Beauty and Wellness Products That Got Us Through September

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September 2020 beauty products

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One of the most glorious aspects of being a beauty editor is the number of products we get to take for a test drive. Sure, we'd be lying if we said we weren't a bit overwhelmed by the mountain of bottles and tubes in our homes (especially now that we're spending just about every waking hour in our respective dwellings), but we approach that mountain eagerly, hiking boots in tow.

Each month, Byrdie editors will be sharing the products within that mountain that stood out the most. Maybe it was a peel that made our skin glow like J.Lo's or a hair mask that brought our dry strands back to life. Whatever it was, we're eager to share it with you so you can experience the same bliss that we did.

Star Donaldson, social media editor

Côte TakeOff Towels

Cote Take Off Towel

"The worst part about giving myself manicures/pedicures is removing chipped polish. In the past, it always ended up messy, and a million cotton balls later I still didn’t have everything off. These nail polish remover towels are a total revolution for my at-home mani/pedi game. Not only do they remove everything in one towel, but they also smell great and make polish removing a clean, dignified process (and they are totally acetone-free!). My nails are actually left hydrated without any sticky residue."

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Volumizing Tinted Fiber Eyebrow Gel

Brow Power

"It’s hard for me to just use one brow product, whether it be pencil, gel, or otherwise. But, man, this IT Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Eyebrow Gel is actually everything I need all in one product and in one swipe! (I say this very cautiously, as this is my first and only experience with an all-in-one brow product.) It deposits pigment in my sparse areas, darkens my hairs, and sets them in place all in one application."

Goopgenes All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream

Goop Genes

"This rich and luxurious face cream is what dreams are made of. However, the price tag isn’t so dreamy. But, I only need the tiniest dollop to slather my whole face in this highly moisturizing formula. It has been tested to make skin firmer-looking and moisturized for 48 hours and I can definitely say that this cream has made my dry spots disappear. For now, I'm only using this as a night cream, but once winter is in full swing, I know I’ll be using this night and day to keep my skin looking its best."

Faith Xue, editorial director

Bybli Crystal Clear Cleanser

Bybi crystal clear

"This clean UK beauty brand recently launched stateside and suffice to say, I’m obsessed. I’ve been using this refreshing, 100% natural gel cleanser for the past two weeks and love the minty feeling and the fact that it gets all of my makeup off in one wash without stripping my skin. The willow bark extract has natural salicylic acid in it, which keeps my combo skin feeling balanced and clear."

Happy V Prebiotic + Probiotic Vaginal Health Supplements

Happy V

"Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with probiotics. I fully believe that so many issues can be solved by treating the gut, and probiotics are a surefire way to get there. I love that these probiotics from Happy V are also made with a prebiotic to help amplify the efficacy of the probiotics. Plus, the probiotics were specifically selected to benefit your vaginal health and keep things like yeast infections, BV and UTIs away—things women experience all the time that we don’t talk about enough! I love that this brand is normalizing the conversation around those topics and creating a science-backed product specifically to help women."

Lindsey Metrus, senior editor

Versed Doctor's Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask

doctors visit

"As a faithful devotee to Renee Rouleau's Rapid Response Detox Masque, I knew I'd take a liking to Versed's similar offering packed with BHAs, AHAs, and enzymes to help even out skin tone and dissolve gunk that's built up in the pores. It's got a texture that can best be described as room-temperature Jell-o that's been stirred a bunch (if that makes sense). I love slathering the bright yellow goo onto freshly cleansed skin, waiting a few minutes (the jar says 2-3 minutes, but I'm a rebel and let it sit closer to 10), and when I rinse my skin, I can see an instant brightness and increased clarity. It's gentle and powerful all at once—I love it."

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare

"I can't believe I've made it this far in my life without using an electric toothbrush. After getting veneers a few years ago, I've made my dental health a top priority, being sure to floss every night, wear my mouthguard before bed, and swish with a fluoride rinse, so adding a top-tier toothbrush to that mix made sense as well. It's alarming how much cleaner my teeth feel after brushing with this toothbrush, like my old mechanical versions were only doing half the job. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth now, especially since it has a timer to let me know when to stop (turns out I also wasn't brushing for long enough before this either). It's so worth the price tag—trust."

Hallie Gould, senior editor

Aerin Beauty Ambrette de Noir Parfum


"OK, so I am by no means a floral person. I usually gravitate towards woody, spicy, or leathery scents (see: Le Labo's Santal 33 is my signature). But this one is enrapturing. According to the brand, it's a "co-distillation of rare and precious musk-like ambrette seeds with rich tonka absolute." And, according to me, it's down right sumptuous. The musky, rich notes offset the floral in a really warm, fall-like kind of way. Plus, it has vanilla bourbon and cedarwood for the sensuality I crave. I'm going to be wearing this all year, even if it is just inside my living room."

Muri Lelu Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil

Muri Lelu

"Upon opening this burnt-orange bottle, the herbaceous scent hits in all its earthy, calming goodness. All you need is a few drops at night to calm, balance, and plump your skin while you sleep. I like to add a little facial massage in there too to heighten the experience. The formula is packed with organic whole flower cannabis extract and terpene-rich essential oils—so, yes, I do pretend I'm at a spa while I rub it in."

19/99 High-Shine Gloss


"I love a face gloss. There's just nothing more exciting than being able to apply the same product all over your face. This one is special because, unlike other formulas, it isn't sticky. I love lip gloss but it's always sticky—and my hair always ends up stuck to my lips. This glides on like a balm and feels cushiony and hydrating on not only my lips, but my cheeks and eyes too."

Kelly Gallagher, senior social media manager

Finn Pet Wellness

finn multi

"I've always been obsessed with my dog, but now that I'm at home with her all day every day, my obsession with her well-being has gone to a new level. Enter Finn—a new pet supplement brand that has different supplements for different concerns. For Harri, I give her the daily multivitamin, the hip and joint supplement, and the coat supplement. She thinks they're dog treats and is always so excited to get her daily supplements. I also love that the tins they come in are so cute I can leave them out on the counter."

Everyday Humans Germaphobe Hand & Surface Sanitizer

everyday humans

"I've been keeping this handy little sanitizer in my bag every time I step out of the house. I love that I can use it on my hands, the inside of my mask, or any surface, really. It smells great and has a few skin-soothing ingredients to counteract the harsh ethanol for when I spray my mask. It also smells really, really good."

Jaz Ortiz, news editor

Hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush

hum by colgate

"Hum by Colgate is the brand's new smart toothbrush that literally guides you to brush better with the support of the Hum app. I love that clean, just-brushed feeling, and Hum's guided brushing helps me get into all the nooks and crannies of my mouth. It literally shows me where I missed a spot."

Arlington Ave Gentle Cleansing Bar

Arlington Ave

"A friend introduced me to Arlington Ave's Gentle Cleansing Bar and I've never loved a facial bar more. It's formulated with glycerin, honey, and vitamin E for hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits. I see the difference in my pores after using it for a month and my skin doesn't feel dry at all like the harsh bars I've used in the past."

Holly Rhue, associate editor

Guerlain Abeille Royal Anti-Pollutant Cleansing Oil

Guerlain cleansing oil

"Somehow this cleansing oil doesn't feel even a little bit greasy, but still melts away every trace of makeup. I use about a quarter-sized amount and find that even my most durable brow gels are no match for this formula. It goes on as an oil, but emulsifies into a satisfying lather once you add water. It's my favorite new first step in my double-cleansing routine."

Beautystat Universal C Skin Refiner

Beautystat Universal C

"Be forewarned: my skin can handle a lot. (Once, before a professional peel, my dermatologist told me the pain would be about an 8 on a scale of 1-10—I described it as a three and was barely red on the other side of things.) With that being said, I've been looking for a strong vitamin C serum for a long time, and I've finally found the one. This formula contains 20 percent L-Ascorbic acid (as opposed to the 12 percent concentration I've been using for most of my adult life), and uses encapsulated technology to maintain the integrity of the ingredients. I've been using this product for about two months now and the color of the serum has been consistent—no oxidation here. If you think your skin can tolerate it, I highly recommend this serum; at 20 percent, it's the highest concentration of vitamin C you can get over the counter."

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