9 Beauty Products That We Never Buy From Sephora (and 7 We Do)


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Sephora and our team go together like bread and butter. We're practically conditioned to ask, "Do you have this in my shade?" anytime we see a set of black-and-white stripes. It's our mecca, our promised land, and when we're there, we're home. So what if we told you that there are some products we avoid buying from the beauty giant? We surprised ourselves with this news, too, but when you live on a budget, there are certain products you can't justify spending a big chunk of your direct deposit on—even if it works like a charm—if you can buy it at the drugstore.

Below take a look at the products we pass by in the sacred aisles of Sephora (as well as the products we have to add to our black shopping totes).

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