Did You Know You Could Get Free Refills on These Beauty Products?

Weird confession time: I have a tendency to hold onto empty cosmetics containers. Even after I've scraped every last drop of product from its depths, for some reason, I often can't bring myself to toss out a perfectly good vessel—and part of me always hopes that I might find some kind of use for it someday. Given what I do for a living, you can probably begin to imagine the piles of jars, vials, and capsules I have lying around. Are you screaming yet, Marie Kondo?

But it turns out that my hoarding might actually pay off in the end—for the environment and my wallet. Thanks to some smart sleuthing by Refinery29, we now know that a handful of popular brands actually offer free products and/or refills if you bring in your empty containers for recycling. Mind. Blown.

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