The £6 Clay Mask That Defied My Expectations

Beauty Pie Super Pore Detox Black Clay Mask Review: Woman on Beauty Pie insta

There are many beauty brands around right now that are completely changing the way in which the industry works. From Glossier to Deciem, there are many cosmetic and skincare lines that are all about giving you incredible beauty products that work but aren't about to make you forgo a month's rent just to afford them. Beauty Pie is just another one of those brands. Launched by Marcia Kilgore this year, the line operates as a subscription programme that means you pay something every month and get brilliant products that are not only super affordable but work very well. And one of our favourites right now? The clay face mask. Keep scrolling to read our review...

Beauty Pie Super Pore Detox Black Clay Mask Review
Beauty Pie Super Pore-Detox Black Clay Mask $6

There's one major problem I have with most clay masks: if you're using one when in the bath, the thickness can turn your water a sludgy colour. The bits you've washed off can end up sticking to the rest of your body, meaning you have to end up having a shower. All of which is a bit of faff when you just want to relax. Now, I realise this might be a niche problem, but it still contributes to my enjoyment factor. 

But onto the Beauty Pie mask. Thankfully, this one is a thinner solution that handily comes in a squeezable tube, which is also a winner when you want to apply just the right amount. When you spread it onto your face, you'll find that it's much easy to get on but it doesn't feel like it's caking your face too much. Once you've left it to dry, then it's a simple wash off, similar to if you were washing off your normal cleanser (meaning no murky water situation). And the results? A slightly pink, fresh face. Who needs a spa, eh? 

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