A New Cure for Over-Gelled Nails, Plus More Beauty News

So this is the right way to color match your foundation. Plus, Nars has a new oil-free option! [PopSugar]

Remember Society Salon, the membership salon we raved about? They're now offering no-commitment, month-by-month memberships, and a complimentary one-time blowout to all Byrdie readers—yes, for real. Just mention Byrdie when you drop in! [Society Salon]

Dread taking off your waterproof makeup? Eliminate that anxiety now. [Makeup.com]

Just figured out essences? Meet Micellar Water, the next newest skincare trend.  [PopSugar]

Consistently a hot mess in the morning? There’s a cure for that. [The Zoe Report]

If you give a girl the right shoe inserts, she'll turn any street into a runway. Foot support relief, right this way. [Huffington Post]

Stop everything—here’s a 20-minute full body workout you can do in the comfort of your room. [xoVain]

Nineteen different ways to stand up to the polar vortex this season. [SHEfinds]

Meet IBX, the quick and easy fix to your weak, over-gelled nails. [PureWow]

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