13 Gifts for Your Friend Who Knows Nothing About Beauty

As beauty editors, we feel as though we've been applying makeup and test-driving products for an eternity. We faithfully watch YouTube tutorials, peruse the aisles of Sephora, read up on the latest celebrity trends, all while using ourselves as guinea pigs for each look. We can't even imagine going cold turkey and skipping our everyday routines. Thus, when our beauty newbie friends (as we lovingly call them) come to us for beauty advice, we jump at the opportunity. It's a teaching moment for us, and a chance to share all the tricks of the trade we've been harboring for most of our lives. (As you can see, beauty really excites us.)

When the holidays roll around, we have tons of fun shopping for those "starter kits" and supplies that our beauty novice friends and family can use. It's so fun to help someone build a collection and teach them how to use the products along the way, so we thought we'd share our favorites with you for your own newbie friends!

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