See The Lumineers' Neyla Pekarek Prep for the Grammys

**Neyla Pekarek's Grammy Prep** Being the only girl on a tour bus of musicians may not be conducive to a complicated beauty routine, but Neyla Pekarek knows when to pull out all the beauty stops. So when the cello/vocalist of the twice Grammy-nominated group The Lumineers let us hang out with her as she got ready for the Grammys on Sunday, we knew we'd get the lowdown on each step. What we didn't anticipate was how sweet, funny, and down-to-earth she would be. And while Pekarek's tour schedule often lacks showers and full nights of sleep, it doesn't mean she can't talk beauty. Between getting her hair done, sipping a mimosa, and slipping on her dress, she shared her go-to products, her love of the Olsens, and the one person she saw this week that left her star-struck: Jack White. Read on for all her "tour bus" beauty tricks and each part of her award show beauty prep.