Beauty Lovers Agree: This Is the Fragrance You Should Add to Your Top Shelf

Beauty lovers are really into perfume, and once they find their signature scent, breaking up with it is like trying to find a new hairstylist. But there inevitably comes a time when you decide you’re ready for a change, and when that happens, consider turning to MUGLER Angel Muse perfume. Its out-of-the-ordinary notes are sure to inspire a cult-like following (like its early-’90s predecessor). The perfume’s top note is a classic: grapefruit. The clean and refreshing aroma is perfect for long summer days. With an additional blend of pink peppercorn and hazelnut cream as the middle notes, and vetiver and patchouli as the base notes, the result is a balanced fragrance that’s versatile enough to become your staple scent. Bonus: Thanks to its sleek rounded corners, the bottle is incredibly Insta-worthy. With this on your top shelf, your shelfie moments are set for the season. Keep scrolling to shop your own bottle.

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