These New Launches Will Upgrade Your Summer Beauty Routine

Justin and jokes aside, May is kind of like a metamorphosis when it comes to our beauty M.O.—especially if you live in a part of the country with a true shift in weather (fellow Angelenos, I'm not sure if our minor uptick in temperatures can really count). And with a sudden overnight emphasis on glowing skin, sun protection, breathable coverage, cheery color, and so on and so forth, our favorite brands have continuously delivered on the launch front all season. The end goal: to metamorphose into our brightest, dewiest, lit-from-within selves just in time for June.

So from the safety of our own desks and vanities, we've been testing out the season's most promising beauty launches for a few months now, and we're pretty excited with our newfound treasures. Ahead, we bring you 15 of spring's best beauty launches we've been using nonstop in May 2018. From illuminating eye creams that erase evidence of one too many 2 a.m. tequila sangrias to glow-enhancing citrus-flavored gummies, keep reading for our top picks.