I Test Products For a Living—These are the 5 Innovations I’m Most Excited About

New products, tools, and techniques come out in the beauty and wellness space every day, each one promising life-altering results. That's the reason we spend so much time researching the science behind their claims and testing the formulas out for ourselves. We swatch, massage, apply, pat, and blend at all hours of the day and night, hoping to find just a few new products to get excited about. And, trust me, there are so many gems out there. So much so, I began making a list at the beginning of this year of all the coolest innovations and contacted founders of the brand, experts in the field, and doctors who have administered the various treatments for their thoughts. Ready to find out more?

Below, I go through each one (five, to be exact) and explain exactly why these products and treatments are something to get excited about. There's skincare and haircare products blended specifically for your personal needs, new ways to make use of Botox and filler, brands with CBD-based products, and innovative body-contouring treatments. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about all of them.