This "Facial Fitness Expert" Trains People's Faces to Be More Symmetrical



Estheticians, makeup artists, beauty publicists: These are beauty industry jobs most of us have heard of. But beauty is a $445 billion a year business, a complex web of interests and disciplines, so just like you may not realize that there are people in the movie industry whose entire job is to color-correct film scenes or people in science who earn a living making food for lab rats, we've always figured there had to be under-the-radar beauty careers that even we Byrdie editors don't know exist.

But recently, we found some proof. It happened a few weeks ago when an email crossed my inbox with the subject line "My Weird Beauty Job." Enter Cynthia Rowland, CEO of beauty and skincare company Rejenuve, Inc., who introduced herself to me as a "facial fitness expert" and the founder of Facial Magic, a "facial exercise system" dedicated to training people in face muscle workouts that make them look younger and more symmetrical from the neck up. The second I read this, I knew we had to profile Rowland for Byrdie. After all, facialists we've heard of, personal fitness trainers we've heard of, but someone who makes a living combining the two? To say the least, we were intrigued.

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