Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

Updated 06/18/19
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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using—consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


JUNE || OVERVIEW. Several of the planets go retrograde this month. Yes, I know, again—but it's necessary to purge, cleanse, reevaluate, refine, redefine, and then build. Think of the skincare process. Sloughing off dead skin cells, regularly reevaluating your skincare regimen, and adjusting things to fit your skin's evolving needs are essential to ensure naturally glowing, healthy skin. Think of June similarly: as a necessity.

June 12: Mercury enters Cancer, where communication becomes more focused, family-oriented, and emotional. Express your feelings—they matter. Just watch for a tendency to take things too personally.

June 13: New Moon in Gemini means embracing lightness, joy, and change. This new moon is right smack dab in the center of a whole lot of auspiciously fixed stars that bring out your inner child and help you express yourself more easily.

June 13: Venus enters Leo's domain, aka big-hearted, creative, expressive, affectionate, and loud glamour. Think confident as far as your love language is concerned and colorful and gold for your aesthetics this month. With any luck, you will receive an overflow of confidence this month. Go big or go home when it comes to your products.

June 18–November 24: Neptune retrograde is in Pisces. Manifesting things and experiences means that you must first dream it, then feel it. Neptune retrograde means delving deeper into your subconscious and getting clearer insight on what is real versus imagined. 

June 21–July 22: The sun enters Cancer, making this Cancer season. Emotional intelligence, family, and personalization become your primary focus. 

June 26–August 27: Mars retrograde in Aquarius. Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio will be affected mostly by this one, so slow and easy does it. Rethink how you take action now. Ask yourself what you're rebelling against and how you can be more precise in terms of taking action toward your future. 

June 28: A full moon is in Capricorn with Saturn in Capricorn. This one's a heavy hitter—it means letting go of something in your life for good. No turning back with this one. Read your horoscope for a clearer scope of what to let go of.

June 29: Mercury enters Leo. Your thoughts and communication are bountiful, creative, and lively.

ARIES: Energy

Get clearer about your energy output in June. With Mars and Mercury going retrograde this month and a full moon near the end, use the first half of the month to accomplish tasks and goals and to finish doing things that will require your energy. The second half of the month will be very much about recalibrating your creative energies, projects, and responsibilities. Focus less on pushing forward and ask questions such as Are these the right contacts for me? Am I enjoying what I'm doing? Do I feel supported and connected to my friends and social circle? Your beauty routine will bring you more joy during the latter two weeks. Think bright gold and bronze and, more importantly, have fun! 

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TAURUS: Freedom

Last month, Uranus entered your sign, which means you have a new sense of what financial freedom and stability mean to you. June reminds you of your spiritual, intuitive connections with others, your plans for the future, and the importance of a better work/life balance. The first half of the month is lively with plans and negotiations. Let your emotional intelligence guide you—it's on point lately. In the second half of the month, you'll see your travel plans or educational goals come to a close when you'll be bearing more responsibility and a sense of accomplishment, especially with the full moon in Capricorn on June 28. Ultimately, you're creating more stability in order to have more freedom. Let your inner rebel lead. The last half of the month is mellower. Focus on making your home cozier and integrating a soothing approach to your beauty routine, e.g., calming, relaxing masks. When you're secure, you feel free, and your skin reflects that.

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GEMINI: Resources

The focus is on you this month. You have a short stack of planets boosting your self-worth, communication, and intuitive moneymaking skills. This month, with Mars in retrograde, you're likely planning to revisit a previous place that awoke something inside of you, and now you're going back to retrieve more; this could be a metaphysical experience that you had or an actual physical destination. Think of June as a time to gain more information and close doors, especially with the full moon in Capricorn on June 28. The new moon in your sign on June 13 initiates a new 12-month cycle where you are rebranded, redefined, and clearer about what you want. The end of the month brings a slight heaviness to your responsibilities, but it isn't anything you can't handle. Think of it more as freedom through independence. Focusing on yourself means relying on your genius communication skills. When it comes to your skin, share what you've learned with others. Opt for a refreshing, hydrating face mist to keep your skin balanced during the summer heat. 

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CANCER: Desires

Happy birthday, Cancer! The sun enters your sign on June 21, the longest day of the year. You'll share the first half of the month with Gemini, which is heavily about communication and gathering information. For you, that communication is happening behind the scenes. It's ethereal and unseen; it's your intuition. Spend the first half of the month meditating more and focusing on your dreams. The second half of the month really brings things into a sober climax. The full moon opposite your sign on June 28 means that something you've been working toward (a dream, perhaps) is being fulfilled—maybe not in the exact way that you anticipated, but it's sorting out the realistic details of your life. The full moon on June 28 brings things into focus and will help you know exactly what to do. Plan to be busy in June with work and creative endeavors. Remember that emotional creativity is what fuels you. Your skin's glow is always dependent upon your emotional state and the foods you eat. Near the end of the month, try a skin detox and drink way more water.

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LEO: Clarity

During the majority of the month, you'll be focused on spiritual endeavors, working internally behind the scenes to draw creative inspiration and find answers in regard to how you want to move forward. Think of this month as the ending of a cycle where you're ruminating before taking action. A lot is coming to a close before your birthday, and this is a good thing. The new moon in Gemini June 13 grants you a wish; you'll see this come more to fruition in the fall, in November. The new moon on June 28 in Capricorn is intense, and your health matters. You'll finally see work projects coming to a close, gaining clarity so that you know how and where to plan more. Mars retrograde in Aquarius (June 26) means that your goals and plans are in relationship to another person, work, or both. Turn inward and really get in touch with all aspects of your life; this is an exciting time where things are becoming clearer. June 29 means that you'll be ready to vocalize your plans and life seems more colorful and fun. Your skin will be glowing beautifully when Venus enters your sign on June 13.

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Time seems more valuable lately and provides you deeper insight into your motives and needs. The new moon on June 13 in Gemini will focus on your career and goals for your future—specifically of who and what you are to others. Instead of feeling heavy, this feels light, enjoyable, and much-needed. Expect more recognition and more responsibility. Your social circles feel more important, so give them your full attention. The full moon on June 28 means you'll need to complete work projects and let go of unhealthful habits. You're birthing a new self-awareness, and others are noticing. Your ideas are bursting behind the scenes, but you're not ready to share them quite yet. Stay present and in the moment while letting fear slip away. Bare skin equates to beauty, and you like to look as natural as possible. A gentle cleansing milk is just what you need in June.

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LIBRA: Future

You're not normally an emotional sign, but this month might make you more so. The way that you deal with your profession in June and the way that others experience you is elegant, refined, fair, even nurturing. The first half of the month is about broadcasting your feelings related to work. When you do this, you break all emotional barriers and instantly make others feel safe with you; this authentically boosts your career status and social circle big time. The second half of the month with Mars retrograde (June 26) means that family and partnerships dominate your world. Even more, give this your attention so that you can create more emotional freedom in the long run. The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 feels almost predetermined in regard to what's happening at home and in your most intimate relationships, like family and romantic love. Surrender to the outcome and know that whatever happens is best for your future. You're moving closer to a deep psychological freedom, to feeling more secure and supported by your social circles. Your beauty regimen needs to be glamorous and luxurious in June.

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What you say and how you say it matter. Your career is a major focus in June because you're laying the groundwork. You're doing the psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth that you need in order to procure long-lasting results. Remember that true inner peace comes from a healthy balance between all aspects of your life. Mars will be going retrograde June 26, and this relates to work and home; it's all slowing down so that you can reevaluate what is truly important and meaningful. The full moon on June 28 means letting go of restricted viewpoints for more enlightened, freeing ones. Your skin needs a good deep cleansing face wash to slough off old ideas and dead skin cells.

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Unlike Mercury retrograde, Mars will be retrograde from June 26 to August 27, which will affect your ideas, your thoughts, and the way in which you communicate them. The rate at which you experience things will also slow down. Remember that retrogrades are about rethinking, redoing, and recalibrating that way in which you take action based on your ideas. Think of June as reorganizing your resources and the way in which you communicate to get even more precise results. The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 will bring a close to all the hard work you've been doing; you're finally letting go of something that has been taking a ton of your time and energy, and it's a fond farewell. June 29 invites a whole lot more fun and travel into your life! Your beauty regimen means better circulation—massage your face more and try this.

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CAPRICORN: Inner Beauty

June is about letting go. It's about being grateful for how others support you because you'll see evidence of this in June: people wanting to show up for you, to offer you their support financially and emotionally. Be open to receiving it so that you don't miss these opportunities. Two things for you to work on this month would be honest and sensitive communication—really speaking from the heart with the other person's feelings in mind—and reconnecting with your creative gifts by further developing your creative imagination and intuition. The full moon on June 28 is in your sign, Capricorn, so this means breaking away from old, fearful ways of holding back your creative self-expression. Your skin could use a deep cleanse around the full moon as breakouts are to be expected with all the deep changes taking place. 

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Mars goes retrograde in your sign this month, so there's really nothing you can do but enjoy what's in front of you—to sit with things and to take it easy. Expect that your low energy isn't because anything is innately wrong, but because Mars, the planet having to do with vital life force energy, will be retrograde all month long in your sign, forcing you to slow down and take it easy for the purpose of reevaluating the impulse to take action. June is when you rest; it's when you enjoy the fruits of your labor via work. It's when you take stock of your artistic, medicinal, spiritual approach to life and why it's important for you/what it means to you. June 21, when the sun enters Cancer, gives your work life and health a boost and will inspire greater self-care. The full moon on June 28 highlights your subconscious awareness, which can feel irrational or overwhelming. Surrender to intense feelings and use a little R&R as a remedy. Toward the end of the month, your relationships get a huge boost, and this floats you through the end of September. Treat your skin like you do your soul: with tenderness. Opt for a creamy, indulgent, restorative mask.

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