These Are the Best Beauty Gifts If You Only Have $100 to Spend

Not to scare you, but there's not too much time left between now and the holiday season. Of course, this is a fun, warm, and loving time of year full of family, holiday parties, and more food than we can humanly consume, but our list of gifts we need to purchase gets longer every year while our budgets remain the same (not fair, is it?). 

So you don't have the Sunday scaries every day of the week thinking about all the presents you need to buy, we put together a list of beauty and wellness items you can purchase if you only have $100 to spend. It's broken up by price range, so you can get a couple of smaller gifts for a few friends, or if you plan to spend closer to the $100 range on one gift recipient, we have that too. Keep scrolling to find some killer new items your loved ones will adore.

What beauty gifts are you planning to buy your loved ones this holiday season? Sound off below!