Screw the Marketing: 10 Products We Use How We're (Not) Supposed To

Shocking revelation: The how-to instructions on the packaging of each of your favorite beauty products isn't the only way to use what's inside (cue the gasps). Just like the adjectives on wine labels, it's mostly marketing speak. The truth is, with a little creativity and innovation, your eyeliner, lip balm, or face mask can be hacked into several different products. In other words, with beauty products, both beauty editors and makeup artists agree: You don't have to follow the rules.

Here at Byrdie, we love finding beauty hacks that can make our hectic lives a little bit easier. Using the same product multiple ways can speed up your morning routine and save your bank account. If you're traveling and need to pack light, all you really need are a couple of products to look put together and polished.

Case in point: We're telling you to do something that your parents always told you not to do: Don't listen to what you're told. Keep scrolling to learn all of team Byrdie's secret beauty hacks.