Ditching These 5 Beauty Habits Will Make You More Successful, Says Science



Using makeup to enhance our natural beauty for our own benefit or self-esteem is one thing, but as it turns out, the way we do our makeup influences how others perceive us as well. And while the fresh-faced trend may be all the rage on the runway, a study conducted in 2016 by sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner revealed that women who spend more time on grooming, aka women who wear makeup, earn 20% more than women who prefer to go au naturel. While some may find these look-driven results rather infuriating, they reveal very powerful information that we can use to our benefit.

Like wearing more makeup, there are other habits we can ditch and/or add to our beauty routine to up our success factor. From waking up early to wearing lipstick, there are a myriad of science-backed habits that stimulate perceived success. Keep reading for the habits you should ditch to become more successful.

Ditch Matte Makeup

Trade in matte lip stains for high-shine lip gloss to increase luminosity. Higher luminosity and distinction of eyes and lips was found to increase perceived competence in a study conducted by Proctor & Gamble in 2011. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear matte lip colors to the office, it just means you might want to break out a bold glossy lip for that very special meeting.

Ditch Late Nights



Free People

If you like to start your day early, you're in luck. According to biologist Christoph Randler, who surveyed 367 university students, early risers tend to have "greater career success." In the study of note, Randler found that morning people tend to be more proactive, a trait that is linked to better job performance, career success, and higher wages. 

Ditch Chapstick

Not only do lipstick wearers feel more confident, but in a study sponsored by Covergirl and conducted by Harvard researchers, women who wore lipstick four or more days a week were also perceived to be more confident. In comparison to their lip balm–wearing colleagues, lipstick devotees were more likely to hold senior positions at work and have twice as many followers on social media. Needless to say, lipstick is a favorite among the successful set.

Ditch The Snooze Button

Don't get me wrong, hitting the snooze button can be essential, however, a study conducted by sociologists in 2016, found that women who spent more time grooming earned more in the workplace. While the study didn't give an allotment of time associated with grooming, it said women who wore more makeup, blow-dried their hair, and had a manicure made 20% more earnings in comparison to their coworkers who spent less time on their appearance.

Ditch Neutrals

Swap out nude lips and subtle shadows for an eye-catching office look. A study sponsored by Proctor & Gamble back in 2011 found that women who wore bold makeup were perceived as more competent than their fresh-faced colleagues. While we like to think our competence is unchanged by our cosmetic preferences, we do know that a good cat eye and/or a bright red lip can dramatically change our appearance, as well as the way we carry ourselves.

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Feature Image: Chriselle Lim