9 Up-and-Coming Beauty Vloggers to Watch This Summer

woman with blonde hair with red lipstick

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Alert: The most binge-worthy entertainment this summer is not Game of Thrones. It's not even The Bachelorette or America's Got Talent. This summer, clear your schedule, because there are some talented YouTube beauty gurus who are going to take up all of your free time. 

It goes without saying that for beauty junkies in particular, YouTube has become a major part of our lives. It's where we turn for tutorials, tips, and inspiration. If you're a YouTube fangirl, you've probably subscribed to the likes of Zoella, Michelle Phan, and Bethany Mota for years. But this summer, it's time to introduce some new faces to your subscriptions tab.

That's why we've rounded up the following nine beauty and health vloggers. Thanks to their ebullient personalities and masterful beauty skills, all signs point to these charming beauty girls blowing up on YouTube this season. 

Ready for a major video marathon? Keep scrolling to meet nine up-and-coming beauty gurus who are slaying the YouTube scene this summer! 

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