10 Beauty Gifts With Purchase That Are Secretly Amazing

The only thing better than indulging in our favorite beauty buys is enjoying the gifts with purchase that can come with them. As if stocking up on our beloved products weren't enough, sometimes we're graciously granted with priceless goodies that make our beauty-junkie hearts race. These sought-after add-ons are especially common during the holidays when promos and deals are rampant in retail.

Don't miss an opportunity to get your fix of beauty freebies this season. Brands are already boasting what's to come or already available in the world of holiday gifts with purchase, so get to making your shopping list before the best are sold out. To assist you in your endeavors, we've rounded up the most amazing gifts with purchase you can get your hands on right now.

Keep scrolling to see what gifts with purchase are in store this season and plan your purchases accordingly!