10 Women Over 40 Told Us What Beauty Gifts They Want This Year

As a 20-something woman, I could attempt to thoughtfully curate a list of beauty and wellness products that women over 40 might want for the holidays based off of the current market and past chats I've had with the women in my family, but there's no better way to glean this information than by casting a wider net and going straight to the sources. As we age, our wants and needs shift, especially in the realm of beauty (though some things remain steadfast, like a set of high-quality, efficacious skincare), so the products you'd get for your millennial co-worker may not be as desirable for your mother-in-law. Of course, you also don't want to be insulting and assume they want (or need) something age-specific, so below, we've rounded up the top wish list items of 10 women over 40.

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