These Beauty Gifts Will Make You the MVP of Your Friend Group

Gifting season is near. It goes without saying that your friends are your friends because they love you. But it doesn't hurt to win their hearts over a little more with a thoughtful gift. You may be a last-minute shopper who scrambles every year without fail. Same. Although, I'm committed to turning over a new leaf this holiday and starting fresh. It's nice to reflect on how you want to show your appreciation for friendship and plan out your gift-giving accordingly.

Sure, it's refreshing to think that materialistic things don't matter, but we always remember that one friend who gives really good gifts. And if your friends are just as beauty-obsessed as we are, you've come to the right place. From the coolest new skincare tools to a gorgeous diffuser that'll keep their good vibes at an all-time high, find the very best beauty gifs your pals will love below.