15 Emoji Combos Every Beauty Lover Should Know

We wish we could say there was an emoji for the best beauty moments in life. Like when you wake up with skin that looks like Beyoncé’s, and thus take a no-makeup selfie and post it for the world to see (in so much as your Instagram followers are “the world.”) Or when you get a fresh blowout and your hair is on point. Or when you apply a sheet mask that makes you look like Hannibal Lecter and are ready for your close-up (aka face mask selfie). Yeah, unfortunately, there’s not an emoji for that. In fact, there’s not even a blow-dryer emoji (what kind of nonsense is that?). So we took it upon ourselves to build the ultimate beauty emoji equations. From honoring the negative space manicure that took you hours to create, to the accomplishment of mastering bombshell waves, here’s how to communicate that in emoji. Keep scrolling to see the ultimate beauty emoji shorthand!