See What's on Our Editors’ Holiday Wish Lists This Year

When it comes to picking gifts for our friends, just call us (beauty) Santas. Give us a friend’s name, and we’ll rattle off at least five unique beauty gifts that are perfect for her—all while sipping our cranberry martinis and admiring our glitter-flecked manicures. But ask us to name the gifts we’d give ourselves, and we take pause. We’ve seen practically every holiday gift set under the sun at this point, so asking us to go back and ponder the products that caught our attention this year is no easy request—but fine, if you insist, we guess we’ll share what we’re hoping will end up in our stocking. Some of these products are tried-and-true goods we want an endless supply of, while others are new and intriguing picks that caught our eye as we were compiling gift guides this year. Behold—a beauty editor’s (well-curated) gift list.

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