I Tried My Fellow Beauty Editors' Favorite Foundations—Read My Reviews

Women who naturally possess perfect skin can breezily laugh and say their skincare secret is just “moisturizer and drinking lots of water” when probed (hi, inhabitants of France). The rest of us—the ones who have struggled (or are still struggling) with acne, melasma, and uneven skin texture—treat good skin like the precarious fortune it is, knowing full well it could escape us at any moment. I fall in the latter camp and thus take foundation very seriously—as in, I hoard it, clutching it tightly to my chest in a Gollum-like manner and whispering my preciousss each morning before doing my makeup. My current foundation of choice is Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation because it’s buildable, creamy, and doesn’t crease. Though it has my heart, as with all long-term relationships, you go through phases with your eye starts to wander—it’s normal; just ask any psychiatrist. That’s why I couldn’t help but notice my fellow Byrdie editors arriving to work each morning with gleaming, pore-less skin. And it’s why, naturally, I wanted to know the foundations they’d pledged their hearts to so I could try them as well.

Would I find a new holy-grail foundation? Would my skin/psyche freak out? I had so many questions but prepped my skin for the new products like I was preparing for battle. In the end, one foundation rose above the rest… Keep scrolling to read my honest reviews.