A Byrdie Editor Shares the One $8 Foundation She's Used for Over 10 Years

I've tried so many beauty products in the past few years that you could bury me alive underneath them several times over. I'm certainly not complaining—it's undeniably one of the best parts of my job. So while theoretically it would be difficult to peg just a few of the most standout products among the heaping pack, I didn't have too much difficulty. The thing is, my favorite products (five, to be exact) are so noteworthy, they shine like the beautifully packaged, efficacious orbs of light that they are.

My criteria for choosing these five items involved the following: the longevity of their residency in my vanity, how profoundly well they work, their price point, and the amount of times I've recommended them. So when I was tasked with filming a Just Five Things segment for Byrdie's YouTube channel, I applied these filters to my mental database of products and came up with the below. These are the items I use on a weekly (or daily) basis, have written about the most, and plan to use until they're discontinued (finger's crossed that day never comes).