Your December Horoscope Is Here—and It's All About Reflection

Updated 12/03/18

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


December 6: Mercury direct no longer retrograde. Mercury started its retrograde journey in Sagittarius but wakes up in Scorpio. Your thoughts lead you into some irrevocable realizations that inevitably transform you via the melding of your subconscious and conscious mind. Give it two weeks before the effects of Mercury retrograde have dispelled.

December 7: New moon in Sagittarius. Keep your passion and paranoia in check. It's best to keep things to yourself and take a little risk with your products rather than to experiment with emotional projection. Cultivate a deeper sense of adventure through your own experiences.

December 12: Mercury re-enters Sagittarius. Our thoughts are focused on big picture, celebrations, and experience for the next three weeks.

December 21: Jupiter and Mercury join forces, which means its the luckiest, most auspicious day to make travel plans, to travel, or to receive and publish news.

December 21: Winter solstice, the first day of winter, Capricorn season! This marks the darkest and shortest day of the year, when night lingers longer than day and when we are required to turn within, to let go of our past, and to plan for our future.

December 22: Full moon in Cancer. Tender and romantic yet motivating us to move past our comfort zones.

December 31: Mars enters Aries and returns home. Mars in Aries is when we are comfortable asserting our needs and taking action.

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ARIES: Ambitions

Your mind is wide open and focused on what is possible now. Spend the month investigating and focusing on how to expand your horizons more. Knowledge is your motto this month. On December 21, when the sun enters Capricorn, your reputation gets a big boost, and you're solely focused on achieving your ambitions. Your skin is prone to breakouts this month due to subconscious factors awakening within you. Use a soothing toner this month to keep your calm and happy. 

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This month has you focused on digging deeper into your own psychological process and the less-talked-about realms of life—in other words, all things taboo. Mercury retrograde allowed you to get more in touch with what motivates you most and to discover unknown parts of yourself and even initiated a healing process likely through a mild crisis. Mercury and Jupiter joining on the 21st are catalysts for your healing ability to help others. The sun enters Capricorn on December 21, and you are committed to search for the truth and to share that truth with others.

Your skin is always beautiful, but it's a little more reactive this month. Try a calming, pore-tightening mask. 

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GEMINI: Communication

You've spent Mercury retrograde focused on what you could have done better in relationships related to communication, such as speaking more (or less). You're realizing that it's much simpler than you thought. Speak more from the heart about what your needs and expectations are. Mercury direct paired with the winter solstice will encourage you to be more forthright in your expectations and to take charge of where you want the relationship to go. Communication is everything to you, and this month is no exception.

The full moon on December 22 asks that you embrace your vulnerability and allow it to empower your communication. Your skin is flaring up due to your fears of deeper intimacy (emotional intimacy), so try a calming, ceramide-rich moisturizer.

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CANCER: Emotional Health

Your emotional intelligence surpasses any other sign, but in giving continually of yourself, you need replenishment. This month you're more focused on finding fulfillment through your work and discovering more of your inner guru. You are maternal to everyone, yet you need freedom and self-exploration in order to feel recharged. The full moon in your sign on December 22 ushers you into a more balanced phase—focused less on emotionally responding to the world and more in favor of nurturing yourself through adventure and exploration.

Solstice brings a new level of commitment to your relationships. This will feel stabler and more tangible and give you the security that you need to feel held. Your skin will thrive on a lavish rose-infused face oil this month. 

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LEO: Refinement

You've spent the better half of the month sorting out your creative outlets and deciding where it is that you want to invest more of your time—only doing what truly uplifts you. The sun, your planet moving into Capricorn on December 21, will motivate and support you to put your creative ideas into practice and really create something well worth your time. The full moon on December 22 asks that you let go of your nostalgic daydreams in favor of something more alive and tangible. The quality of your skin this month is dependent upon your diet, so consider adding super-charged supplements to your daily intake.

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VIRGO: Family

There is something about your past that is making you particularly nostalgic in December. Your attention is being redirected to your past, to dig deep into what's meaningful and inherent within you apart from that which is no longer useful. This has prompted you to want to change something about your living situation, to expand it through change, or even moving. You are inspired to heal from your past and inspired to do so. Winter solstice will motivate you to create something transformative and to grow from the experience.

The full moon in Cancer on December 22 shines a light on you rather than what you are to others. Your skin, like you, is craving to sparkle. 

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LIBRA: Perfection

You're fine-tuning your mind in December and letting go of others' expectations and your own for the time being. Domestic matters require your attention, and it's best to get things in order before focusing outward. This means reigniting your mind—getting clear about what's important to you from past experiences and then starting from that place after December 6. Jupiter and Mercury conjoining on December 21 bring you desirable news that will support your new ideas. Winter solstice brings family matters into focus just in time for the holidays!

If you're asked to take a short trip near the end of December, don't hesitate to say yes. Your skin is tied to your emotions this month, so try an uplifting aura spritzer. 

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SCORPIO: Strategy

Be clear about how you want to spend your time and energy, only doing what is meaningful and honest for you. You only want what feels right to you now, and you'll accept nothing less. You're ready to tie up loose ends and to move forward with your plans! Expect a few more delays even after Mercury is no longer direct post–December 6, as things are still ironing out, but don't worry. They'll be in your favor. Start talking to people and networking as much as possible about your plans to see if you can get the support that you need to make things happen and to find more mental peace.

Your mind is in strategy mode, and on the full moon on December 22, your faith is tested and a leap of faith is required to push forward. Luck is on your side, rest assured. Add an uplifting brightening mask to your skin routine this month. 

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You've worked hard to get to this place, and Mercury retrograde has been gifting you with a second chance to look at how you want to fine-tune things. You are ready for change, and Jupiter in your sign this year has returned home, taking you with it. This month is the catalyst for the next year for you, so act wisely based on your past experiences. Mercury wakes up on December 6 and will start moving things forward, so be prepared. Your planet Jupiter joins Mercury, bringing news of an opportunity onwinter solstice(give or take a few days), ushering you into a new and exciting phase of your life!

Stay open and aware of what you're creating, and do it with a hefty dose of modesty and gratitude. Your skin is what you make of it in December—indulge a little. 

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You're hyper-focused on what is visible, what is within reach, what is tangible. You've come a long way. You have something of a spiritual gift that is so prevalent, it almost goes unnoticed by you. This is the contradiction that motivates you now, and this is where your work is. Mercury retrograde paired with Jupiter is nudging you to investigate the unseen realms of your existence—that which promises you gold. Jupiter and Mercury join forces on December 21 but ask that you spend some time in reflection preparing for the next phase of your life, the next year.

The full moon on December 22 requires that you let go of the emotional need to stick to a routine. Keep a crystal-infused spritzer with you at all times to remind you of your spiritual gifts whilst keeping your skin hydrated and fresh. 

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AQUARIUS: Social Status

Your ruling planet is Uranus, which has its own unique orbit just like you. You are the most unconventional sign in the zodiac, yet you are stubbornly bent on doing things your way.  However, being eccentric works well for you socially, as people are always drawn to you for your offbeat nature, and you are drawn to people because they remind you of how you do not want to be. (Sorry, but it's true!) This is where your genius lies—in drawing inspiration from the world and then digesting it your way.

This is all to say that this month, people from your past remember you, and you are being socially recognized now. Winter solstice inspires you to take some time away from it all and think about how you want to navigate your future. Uranus paired with Mercury regaining speed this month are affecting your nervous system quite a bit, which means that your skin is more prone to skin rashes. Try a soothing goat milk–infused bar soap instead of your go-to foaming body cleanser.

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Mercury retrograde has helped you to see who you are to the world, which is irreplaceable. As the last sign of the zodiac, you are of unitarian consciousness. You truly feel that all people, colors, patterns, and textures are connected in some way, somehow. You feel deeply connected to all there is, and sometimes this can make you feel lost and reasonably so. Mercury retrograde has shed light and reminded you of who you are and where you're headed. On the winter solstice, December 21, expect that a new career opportunity is headed your way in support of your new realized path.

Your skin is always glowing, so this month less is more.

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