6 Beauty Brands You Didn't Know Were Started by Latinas

We all have our fair share of favorite beauty brands, but we don’t usually think about the people who put in the hard work to make them a reality. While many beauty lines are owned by larger corporations, some of the biggest ones were started by Latina entrepreneurs. Some of these women quit day jobs to pursue a dream, and others created a money-making idea out of necessity. Many of us know about Mexican-Argentine Kat Von D’s line of amazing makeup and Jessica Alba’s über-successful Honest Company, but it’s the untold stories of other, under-the-radar, business-savvy women who are just as inspiring and empowering. They also go to show that anyone can set out to accomplish what they want with a passion and hard work.

Read on to learn about six beauty brands you probably didn’t know were started by entrepreneurial Latinas.

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