Can You Finish All These Beauty Brand Slogans?

Updated 09/08/17

Your drawers are overflowing with products, you knew how to contour before the Kardashians, and you can ID lipstick colors within seconds. In other words, you’re a beauty junkie. But how well do you really know some of the world’s most famous beauty and skincare brands? Test your knowledge by completing and matching all of these slogans to their brands. 

Scroll through the slides to see how many taglines you know by heart! Each slide has a clue in case you get stumped. Be sure to let us know how you did in the comments. 

Though the majority of you readers can probably ace this one, we’ll still give you a hint: This renowned brand makes a cult favorite mascara in a pink tube with a green lid. 

Clue: Ellen DeGeneres and Sophia Vergara are among some of the esteemed celebrity faces of this brand. 

Clue: This brand makes a tantalizing bronzer. 

You probably used this classic dermatologist-approved line in middle school, and their perfume might make you happy. 

Two words: Kate. Moss. 

In addition to products with cheeky names, this American cosmetic brand boasts brow bars across the country. 

Clue: Spokesperson Blake Lively surely agrees with this slogan! 

This drugstore brand makes the easily recognizable amber-colored Oil Free Acne Wash.  

The man behind this eponymous line has published several best-selling makeup books. 

1. Maybe It’s Maybelline // Maybelline

2. Beautiful Covergirl // Covergirl

3. Authority // Lorac

4. 100% Fragrance Free // Clinique

5. Look // Rimmel

6. Laughter // Benefit

7. Because I’m // L’Oreal

8. Dermatologist // Neutrogena

9. Essential // Kevyn Aucoin

How many did you get right?

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