Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Beauty Brands?

With the amount of products we've tried in our lifetimes, we could practically tell you which is which just by feeling the product while blindfolded. In fact, there have certainly been times where we've reached into our handbags and knew which lip color we were grabbing just by touching it. Maybe it's a beauty editor thing, but we have a feeling that Byrdie readers are as sensory-inclined as we are. But what about in a visual sense? If you took away the branding of a makeup product, would you still know which company it comes from? We'd like to think so, but just for fun, we had all of the logos from popular makeup products removed and put our eyes to the test. Keep scrolling to see if you can guess the brands correctly, and use the sliding tool to reveal the answer!

So, how'd you do? Sound off below!