You Won't Believe What Gwyneth Paltrow Almost Called Goop

For beauty editors, one of our secret favorite pastimes is to think of what we would call our beauty brand if we ever had one. This game, however, is surprisingly difficult. The name has to be catchy but classy, modern yet timeless. Racking your brain for the perfect beauty brand name really makes you appreciate the good ones that are already out there.

When an entrepreneur starts thinking of a name for their brand, the best-case scenario is that it comes to them quickly and organically. Take Too Faced, for example. As Jerrod Blandino, the brand's co-founder and chief creative officer, says, "I got the idea for the name Too Faced while working behind the makeup counter in the mid-'90s. I became obsessed with those women who would turn from sweet to sour and have a total meltdown if we were out of their must-have lipstick or favorite mascara. I loved how they were totally committed to their look. They were too glamorous, too fabulous, too beautiful—they were too faced. No other names were ever considered."

But thinking of a great brand name is not always this easy—and we have evidence. We got in touch with eight beauty brands with intriguing monikers and had them spill the alternative titles they considered at the start. Trust us when we say they are fascinating (and make us feel much better about our own struggles to think of a good name). Want to know what Jen Atkin, Gwyneth Paltrow, and other top beauty founders almost called their famous brands? Keep scrolling to find out!