8 Things You Didn't Know About Beauty Subscription Boxes

If you've seen our Unboxed series, you know how much we love (carefully) tearing into a pretty package filled with makeup, skincare, and the occasional wildcard food or drink item. Even if we aren't always completely in love with all of the contents of a box, the actual process of receiving it in the mail, opening it, and being surprised by its contents is enough to get us to fork over the monthly subscription fee. 

With so many different beauty boxes on the market, it's safe to assume that business is booming; it seems like everyone we know is separated by two degrees from someone who has a monthly subscription. And if you haven't taken the plunge into beauty box territory yourself, below are some interesting facts that might turn you into a convert. 

Are you a beauty box member? Which company is your favorite? Please tell us below!

Opening Image: The Beauty Look Book