2 Beauty Bloggers on What Their Perfectly Curated Insta Lives Mean to Them

On the surface, I don't pay much mind to my Instagram account. I post infrequently and I spend minimal time perfecting my photos or planning out my "grid." And, unsurprisingly, I don't have a ton of followers. But deep down, I know that Instagram is a popularity contest, and it's easy to compare myself to my peers and wonder if I should change my ways to be more "follow-able". But even when I sulk about not having as many likes as X, Y, or Z person, I'm still content with staying true to myself and only posting when and what I feel like, not because it'll bode well for my "algorithm", whatever that means.

Thankfully my world doesn't revolve around my Instagram—I don't have the psyche for that. But for influencers, Instagram is their job. Maintaining an appearance and having high engagement is the difference between whether or not they'll be offered brand sponsorships, which, for most, is what makes up their annual salary. Curious about what it feels like to have such a high-stakes social media profile, I tapped two popular beauty gurus with huge audiences for how they handle the pressure. (Spoiler: They both depend on one of my favorite supplement brands to stay centered.)