This Hack Makes Cleaning Your Beautyblender Infinitely Easier

As much as we treasure our beloved Beautyblenders and the perfectly smooth, flawless finish they leave behind, we aren’t as fond of having to clean them. The repeated massaging, squeezing, and rinsing is a bit of a time-consuming (albeit necessary) step in our weekly routine. While the brand sells effective cleansers like its Blendercleanser Solid ($16) and the Liquid Blendercleanser ($18), we’d still like to give our hands a bit of a break. Enter a genius time-saving tip: double cleansing.

It only makes sense: We’re told to lather, rinse, and repeat when shampooing our hair, so why not afford our beauty tools the same courtesy? However, this isn’t the double cleansing you’re used to. PopSugar shed some light on a must-know tip from celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono, who fills up a bowl with water and the Liquid Blendercleanser, then lets the sponge soak for 20 minutes. Doing this helps loosen up the majority of makeup and oils, so following this step, you can use the solid cleanser as usual to remove what little stains are left (using much less elbow grease). The result? A perfectly clean sponge with half the grunt work.

Do you have an easy method for getting your Beautyblender squeaky clean? Please tell us below!