Beauty Editors Share Their All-Time Best Tips—and Where We Learned Them From

The other week, a friend asked me how I ended up knowing so much about beauty. "I trust your advice," she said. "But I don't know why I trust it." When I think about it, this idea seems totally valid. After all, I didn't go to school to become a dermatologist or hairstylist or makeup artist. Why should our friends and readers listen to us?

Even when we're not writing about beauty, we editors are constantly asked for advice about beauty products, hacks, and concerns, and we always do our best to provide a reasonable answer. I figured it was time to reveal where those answers come from.

So I got each member of the Byrdie edit team to dish their very best beauty lessons—their ride-or-die tricks for choosing skincare products, applying makeup correctly, and more. Then I asked them to disclose where they learned each trick, and let's just say the answers weren't always what I expected.

So ask us again: How'd we come to learn so much about beauty? Keep scrolling for your answer!

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